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Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Well look what's happened now..

I'm flying back to London tomorrow morning. I didn't manage to get a different flight because apparently all the flights are fully booked from now till the end of September. This means three things:

a) There are too many people flying to London - even the waiting list is full.
b) If I don't go now, I can't get back in time for when term begins.
c) Because i'm having to fly back so early, I can't do my placement.

The lawyer I was supposed to be working for was really cool. We met and he asked me what I wanted to do (even though I couldn't even remember exactly what modules I had done over the past two years when he asked). He asked me how long I wanted to work, and said whatever period of time that was, it would be the same amount of time he would spend ignoring me so it didn't really matter. He also said to buy a black jacket because he would take me to court the next day. When I rang him to tell him I wouldn't be doing the placement after all he said "Do you still wanna come along to court tomorrow? You still have a day before your flight". I declined because I needed time to pack. I told him I would ring him the next time I was back in KL and he said "Yeah cool you can do it then."

He lines up all his pens and highlighters on his desk, but he doesn't colour code them. He has a brand spanking shiny new LCD screen, but an old school mouse. He has chinese antiques all over his office, and in the meeting room, he has a really cool chinese chair at the head of the table. Like a throne, almost. Like this, but a lot cooler :

Maybe they're not all bad. Seems like an interesting character and someone i'd like to work with.

My sister(Boo) was talking to my little brother (Adrian) about circumcision earlier:

Adrian: You're not a man if you're circumcised!
Boo: Oh yeah? Well your appointment is this Saturday so I guess you're not going to be much of a man after that.

The poor boy actually started crying and thinking of lots of things that could go wrong, much to our amusement. He said the anesthetist might poke the needle through his penis and mess it up forever. We're all hypochondriacs in this family. I hope he's not still mad at me in three hours. He ran off in a huff after I told him it was a joke, and his appointment was really NEXT Saturday... I'm going to miss the little bugger. He's such a sweet kid. He's the (little) man of my life.

I can never sleep the night before a flight, I worry about what I haven't packed and if my passport has expired, even if i've checked three times that it hasn't and even though it's not possible for a passport to expire, when its expiry date is two years in the future, three hours after the last check.

Friday, July 21, 2006


Today I watched Pirates of the Caribbean 2 with my sister. I really enjoyed the movie, but I think if I had to write a review it wouldn't be very good because I love Johnny Depp. No, seriously. I LOVE Johnny Depp. I would pay to watch that man read the phone book for two hours...

This is probably what my review would look like:

Pirates of the Caribbean 2! What. A. Great. Film! Johnny Depp is possibly the world's sexiest pirate. Not that I have met many pirates. Or any at all, for that matter. But anyway, lets go back to talking about Johnny Depp. I thought Keira Knightley was rubbish and the kiss was a publicity stint. No woman should kiss Johnny Depp on (or off) screen. It ruins the ultimate fantasy of every woman (and some men). Or most women - lest we forget those who remain loyal Brad Pitt fans. Captain Jack Sparrow, soaking wet in pirate gear, makes Mr Darcy (Colin Firth in Pride & Prejudice- also soaking wet) look like dried up piece of cabbage rotting away in the fridge. Oh, and I guess the other people in the film were okay as well because they stayed out of focus, or behind Johnny Depp for the most part (except Orlando Bloom and bloody Keira Knightley).

Unfortunately, I needed to wee really badly somewhere in the middle of the movie and couldn't find the loo, then got lost going back to cinema 13. I must've missed a good 10 minutes of the show because when I got back to my seat, James Norrington whathisface was being thrown into a pigsty because Keira Knightley and her friends had beaten the crap out of him for some reason.

Dear God, Jesus, Allah, Buddha,

If there's going to be a Mr Right, please let him look like Johnny Depp. Thanks.


In a different part of the multifarious life that I lead, I am starting a work placement with a local law firm. Over the past six months, I have been stressing myself out applying to do placements at law firms to no avail. Recently, I asked my father if he knew any law firms who would take me and two days later, he said "You start on Monday". This means I am staying longer in Malaysia. Yar!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


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After her organ teacher left today, I taught Yang Yang a different approach to playing the song. Her teacher reminded me of my own many years ago before I stopped playing - it was never really about enjoying the music, it was just getting it right, and passing the exam. Pretty accurate description of my life, actually.

But I digress. She didn't really want to play anymore because she was pretty frustrated after the lesson but I told her to listen to the beat carefully, and start playing when she was ready. It was pretty cool when she "got it" and it became really obvious that she was enjoying herself. Then my mom rang and said they had bought a piano and it was arriving in half an hour. So now we have a piano. I wanted to start playing jazz piano earlier this year, but it didn't work out, mainly because I didn't have a piano. It's a beautiful Yamaha UX and sounds brilliant. I'm having fun teaching myself the basics (very different to the organ). Finally, my dusty copy of "Easy to play Norah Jones" (bought back when I thought I was going to be the next big thing in the jazz world) will be of some use...

At night, this is my...

At night, this is my...
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I'm back at my parents' house in KL and I've figured out why I like staying up at night. It's much too noisy for my sanity during the day. It's also cooler at night time. I have grown up in KL but since moving to the UK two years ago, humidity+heat+noisy house = irateJune. I don't even mind the cold in the UK as much. Some have described KL as too much of a good thing, weather wise. Well, SOME are wrong. If it were only sunshine, that would be a different story. But it is, in fact, polluted air, heat, and humidity. I rest my case.

Anyway, the noise. There are 5 kids in the house if you include me. When back here, I am on summer break, but everyone else goes to school in the morning. My dad is up at 5am every day for his morning run, and my mom is up at 6 because the kids have to go to school. I go to sleep around that time. My parents are fans of flourescent lights but I prefer orange lamps. They're more relaxing. We have both in the hall so when everyone goes to sleep, I transform the hall and do my thing.