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Monday, May 07, 2007

Transient relationships

I met a writer today. His name is Alex. We had to share a table as there weren't any free ones at the cafe, and after about an hour of him scribbling in his moleskin and me reading up on law stuff, a little girl threw a tantrum and we both sighed heavily. After another half hour or so, he sighed heavily again, and looked extremely dejected. I asked him if he was okay, and he said he wasn't and told me about not being able to write anything.

"At least you're not doing something you don't want to do", I said, pointing to "THE LAW ON TRUSTS".

He wouldn't tell me what his book was about, but after chatting a while longer, he told me there was a scene where a man and a woman are sat in a bathtub.

"I went to have a bath this morning, after not having a bath in ages, as research for this particular scene"

More conversation. Laughter. He thinks my dream of moving to the sticks is hilarious.

"I come in here a lot, maybe one day instead of just running off with coffee, you should come up and say hello?"
"Yeah sure"

Alex is very cute. Funny, smart, romantic writer, etc etc. Perfect, right? Wrong. I don't think i'm in the right headspace for anything right now. Will we see each other again? Maybe. Does it really matter? No. Does it mean he's not left a lasting impression? No, it's not that, he's cool, and has gorgeous blue eyes.

You can't justify attraction, that's all.


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