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Sunday, June 03, 2007

At least the days are filled with joy

This week has been rather eventful. The weather was not a happy one on Thursday when Danny and I went skating, but we braved it and skated indoors anyway. It eventually gave in and dried up enough for us to go outside. Drink the bar dry was the following day, but I remained sober because I had drunk too much the day before and was still slightly hungover. When I got back yesterday, the sun was shining and it was a beautiful day, so I put my bikini on and went to Victoria Square to read my book in the sunshine. Timothy rang and said I was "outrageous" for wearing my bikini in public. I said "You're outrageous", but then realised a second later that he probably wasn't in the least.

Anyway, as I was packing up to go for a coffee with Edmundo, the phone rang and it was someone in a phony (ha ha) American accent pretending to be a charity of some sort. I laughed, and hung up after saying I didn't have time to answer their questions. Is it pranking season? And if it is, why me? It is quite scary though, how this person seems to know where I am all the time. The Darth Vader Pranking Company calls me when I am at work (on my work number) and calls me on my mobile when I am sunbathing. Perhaps it is time to be a little bit afraid, but then no one ever got anything done by being afraid.

Danny is so lovely when he is sober. He's positive, he's funny, and nice and just beautiful in every way. I saw him at drink the bar dry after he had done some drugs, and he looked like a zombie. I was really worried about him, he was walking around looking possessed, and I didn't know what to do or how to help him because he barely recognised me and kept running away. None of his friends were with him either. I have heard from him today, so I hope this means he is okay.

And speaking of addiction, that's Amy, Gavin's girlfriend, sucking her thumb. Guess some habits are more adorable than others.


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    My girlfriend has been sucking her thumb all her life and her teeth, and thumb, show it. Worse, I've woken up with my thumb in her mouth! Yes, she grabs MY thumb and sucks it in her sleep, go figure!


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