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Friday, May 11, 2007

Darth Vader Man

Recently, I have been receiving calls from a strange person with a Darth Vader voice. The number is witheld, of course. I think this is supposed to intimidate me, but it's quite amusing, really. Darth Vader has rung me three times now. Twice at work, and once yesterday night. I can barely make out what he's saying. I let Tim listen to some of the stuff he said when he rung yesterday and he thought it was really funny (I rarely see Tim laugh like that). Theories I have developed are:

1) Darth Vader man is Tim and he has some kind of device/program at home that records these conversations so he can go home and laugh at me. And send recordings off to radio shows for other people to laugh at.

2) It's Gavin and Alex. I rang them yesterday but they denied it. I still think they have some part in this.

3) Darth Vader man is really a woman, and has a Darth Vader voice transformograficolourhappyeverafter.

4) It could be Chris Chow, Koku's housemate. Kevin pranked him from my phone about bog roll earlier this year, and maybe he has somehow found out it was us and wants revenge. I hope he isn't finding that out through here though...

5) It could be Kevin, but I think he'd sooner die than refer to me as "cutie pie".

6) The guy from the Indian takeaway behind my house. I once had a dream about him where he was chasing me through fields from England to Malaysia madly waving a cleaver in his hand. I don't know how we crossed oceans, maybe through some kind of intercontinental farming system...

Ah, anyway, Darth Vader man, if you're reading this, cut it out.


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